Andrew James 1300 Watt Multifunctional Red 5.2 Food Mixer With 2 Year Warranty, Meat Grinder And 1.5 Litre Blender Attachments, Recipe Book

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The futuristic and wonderful looking Andrew James Food Mixer steals the show in any contemporary kitchen. It is packed with ultra-cool features that will intensify your cooking experience. But, are its cooking capabilities as cutting edge as its overall appearance? And is it simple and easy to use? Well, let's find out everything about the product through this quick Andrew James 1300 Watt Electric Food Stand Mixer review! Also, find out how well the product fared in the market!

Product Description

The new powerful mixer is the perfect kitchen appliance for all your cooking preparation needs. Whether you are a professional chef or an amateur cook, this appliance will make time consuming cooking tasks such as kneading, whipping, stirring, mixing extremely easy and simple. It is one of the only few mixers to come complete with the following mixer attachment:

  • Aluminium Beater Blade for food items such as batters and cake mixes
  • Dough Blade for preparing high cake mixes and dough
  • Baloon Whisk for the purpose of whisking creams and egg whites
  • Flexible Beater Blade for the purpose of sticky mixtures that usually stick to the sides of the bowl. This blade sweeps the bowl thoroughly making sure that all the ingredients are well incorporated into the mixture.


Solid Construction: The product certainly lives up to its reputation and name. The solid construction of the appliance adds to its overall life, and also stands up to the punishment an active cook and kitchen gives it. The mixer certainly stands up to the huge guns on all levels, and also provides the cook with an appliance that does it all. The design of the machine is extremely exclusive, and it easily finds its way to the kitchen shelf, rather than stored away in some cabinet.
Exceptional Features: The product boasts some unique features such a special strong gear mechanism, an extra powerful motor, and a large stainless steel dish of 5.2 litre. Also, the appliance was voted by The Telegraph Newspaper recently as being in the top ten best food stand mixers.
Versatile: Andrew James Food Mixer is so versatile that it is simply perfect for all types of cooking requirements. It becomes your new kitchen assistant and assists you in your cooking, offering unlimited uses to create all kinds of home baking favourites. Whipped creams, Christmas cakes, cupcakes, fresh homemade breads, whipped creams, meringues, cookies, and scones can all be produced with the ease of using this product.
Pulse Feature: This special feature of the product allows the user to mix different ingredients to the appropriate consistency from pastry dough to delicate creams and eggs. The speed settings vary from 1 to 6, and allows the user to work accordingly. Furthermore, the stylish and compact design of the appliance makes the appliance look great in the kitchen.

Other Features: The product comes with 24 months warranty. It has a pulse level along with 6 power levels. Furthermore, it has a stainless steel mixing bowl which is extremely easy to clean.


  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Comes With 4 Mixer Attachments
  • Strong Gear Mechanism
  • Extra Powerful Motor
  • Removable Splash Guard
  • Kitchen-Friendly
  • Does Not Take Too Much Kitchen Space
  • Classy Design
  • Comes With Mixer Cookbook
  • Splash Guard Comes Off Easily For Cleaning
  • Come With Hand Free Spatula
  • Economical Than The Competitor's In The Market
  • Dishwasher Safe


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Customer Reviews

The customers who have used Andrew James Food Mixer have totally loved it! According to maximum customers, the product is a wonderful way to create your baking and cooking repertoire, and it is also extremely efficient and easy to use. In addition to this, the versatile model makes cooking a wide array of mixtures exceptionally simple. Customers have highly recommended the product to everyone who wants to enjoy a great cooking experience, and to all those who are looking for a beautiful, reliable, sturdy food mixer at an extremely reasonable price.

The Andrew James Food mixer is certainly an invaluable appliance in today's modern day kitchen. Perfect for keen amateurs and serious bakers, the sheer versatility of the product will make sure it is used often, to mix all types of foods, and try out all your favourite baking desserts. In addition to this, it can mix foods such as mayonnaise, homemade sauces, and mashed potatoes. All in all it a wonderful kitchen appliance. So, do not look any further, and try this amazing product right away!


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